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Posted by 5th & Glow™ on February, 2020

The Ultimate Do This, Not That For Beautiful, Vibrant Looking Eyes

Some women take desperate measures trying to get rid of puffy, tired looking eyes. And there’s loads of eye bag tips out there. Some of those tips border on totally weird to downright dangerous.

Of course, we see the usual application tips: tea bags, cucumbers, spoons...

Then there’s the health-conscious tips: get enough sleep, stop smoking, and cut back on alcohol. Those are important, of course.

We’ve heard, seen and tried it all. But those stubborn, puffy eyes are still there every morning — staring right back at us in the mirror. That’s where the weird and potentially hazardous methods are tried out of desperation.

So, we’ve compiled a short “do this, not that” list to bust those useless and potentially dangerous eye bag tips… and provide amazingly simple techniques for gorgeous, lively looking eyes.


Toothpaste Under The Eyes

Many websites will tell you that putting toothpaste on eye bags for a short period of time will help remove them.

Why it won’t help...

Because the main ingredient in toothpaste is fluoride. And fluoride has been proven to decrease the amount of collagen in the skin of laboratory rats. That’s EXACTLY the opposite of what you want!

So listen to your dentist... use toothpaste for your teeth ONLY.


Under-Eye Face Yoga In 30 Seconds

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Looking straight in the mirror, open your mouth into an exaggerated “O” shape.
  1. Notice that you should feel a light stretch under the eyes.
  2. Without moving your head, look up toward the ceiling for 5 seconds.
  3. Continue this for 3-5 repetitions.

That’s it! This easy technique only takes 30 seconds!


Preparation H Under The Eyes

Yes, it’s a weird one. But it’s all over the internet. And women are trying it.

Why it won’t help...

It technically could, but be wary. Preparation H restricts blood vessels, which could help with swelling and redness. But it can be very harmful if it gets too close to the eyes. It’s just not worth the risk.

Also, the maker of this medication strictly outlines what Preparation H should be used for… and it’s not for eye bags.4


30-Second Eye Massage

Here’s another quick and easy tip that can be done as part of a morning beauty routine.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Gently tap out a circle on your eyes using your index fingers.5
  2. Extend the tapping circle, moving along your eyebrows and to the top of your cheekbones. Do this 3 times.
  3. Then with your middle fingers, press firmly upward just under the bone where your eyebrows sit.
  4. Then, press firmly inward toward your nose, next to your tear ducts.
  5. Then, massage your temples to finish.

Combine this with a 30-second face yoga (listed above), and these routines only take a minute each day!


Take Antihistamines To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Let’s be clear with this one. If allergy problems are causing red, puffy, or itchy eyes… then definitely consult a physician and follow through on the recommended treatment.

But it won’t necessarily help with eye bags.

Why it won’t help...

Because it doesn’t get down to the root cause. It’s what these big cosmetic companies aren’t talking about… and how they keep selling the same junk products over and over.


Use “Serum Superchargers”

This is “hands down” the most powerful tip out there. It’s the best kept secret of dealing with the appearance of eye bags. It’s because “serum superchargers” actually address the real reason why so many people see tired and puffy eyes stare back at them in the mirror.

The only way to start effectively dealing with the appearance of eye bags is to start attacking them at the core.Trying these potent “serum superchargers” can help those tired-looking eyes start looking young and vibrant again. Click below to find out more.

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